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Misir Ali Samogro- Humayun Ahmed Books
All Novels of Misir Ali Character by Humayun Ahmed - Misir Ali Samogro Download.

Misir Ali is a logical character of Bangla literature created by the great and most popular writer Humayun Ahmed.

Humayun Ahmed has made this character as accepting only logical analysis. Thus Misir Ali can't take the situation which is anti-logical events. He loves mysterious and also loves to get a logical solution. But Misir Ali strongly believes that there is no thing which can be happened without any logic.

However, It has been come out from all of books of Misir Ali that He lives alone and is a tenant. He is a profession of psychology in Dhaka University. But He is not permanent teacher. There are some mysterious characters also come out from books of Misir Ali which is out of any logic such as Debi.

However, We have kept a list of Humayu Ahmed books. Now, We are making a list with those books which includes Misir Ali character. Below is the list. Click on a book name, you will be directed to the following book details page. You can download that book from that page.

  1. Bagh Bondi Misir Ali by Humayun Ahmed

  2. Ami Ebong Amra by Humayun Ahmed

  3. Kohen Kobi Kalidas by Humayun Ahmed

  4. Nishad by Humayun Ahmed

  5. Tondrabilash by Humayun Ahmed

  6. Pufi by Humayun Ahmed

  7. Ami E Misir Ali by Humayun Ahmed

  8. Brihonnola by Humayun Ahmed

  9. Debi by Humayun Ahmed

  10. Voy by Humayun Ahmed

  11. Himu Ebong Misir Ali Jugolbondi by Humayun Ahmed

  12. Jokhon Namibe Adhar by Humayun Ahmed

Here is the Himu's books list. However, We hope, You will be glad after downloading and reading these Bangla books or Bangla novel.

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