Introduction To Different Parts Of A Blender Machine

Blender Machine
Blender works quiet simply like magic. To operate a blender well, it is good to know about its as much as you can. By that concept, I am going to narrate about the parts of a blender.

The blender looks like a simple kitchen instrument but there are a different series of blender parts that make the blender unit working process efficiently and quietly.

There are not many parts to a blender machine which make it an ideal kitchen instrument and, on top of that, they are not complex part in the design and its function. By this article, I will go over the standard blender parts name and the description.

01. Jar Of A Blender
This is the ingredient that should be placed in the Blender Machine. You can put the Blender Jar or you can easily lock in the right place on the top of the main base which is the motor and blade assembly.

In the bottom of the blender jar has the blade access to do its job.

Actually, many blender jars are made with glass but they can also be plastic and metal. I think your Blender machine Jar is made from plastic and it is the most tolerable and lasting device.

02. Lids Of A Blender
Blender lids are normally made with rubber and often made with plastic. The Blender jar lids fully covers the top of the blender jar allowing you and give priority to safely operate the blender machine without your ingredients spreading out the jar. The lid is generally made from plastic or glass and usually has a rubber stopper that is attached to a tight seal.

Blender Machine

03. Jar Lid Center Cap Of A Blender
The center cap is a small plastic thing that is found in the center of the lid. There is a hole in the center for a plastic fill cap.

The fill cap is a removable that is situated in the center of the lid and you can be added many items to the jar without removing the entire lid.

Blender Machine

04. Blade Cutter Of A Blender
The blender blade cutter is made by stainless steel. The main function is done by this blade. It does all of the crushing, pureeing, stirring and anything else blender do.

The blade of a blender is look like complicated but is really is not that. Basically, the good looking blade has two pieces of metal that a cross with each end and bent at an angle.

Each blade has an end angle and one angle is up and another angle is down. The blade is the most important part of a blender because when the blade rotates it pushes up the whole ingredients from the bottom. The blender is attached with the motor.

Blender Machine
Blender Blades

05. Motor Of A Blender
This is the hidden part of a blender machine that is working its job by electricity. Electricity helps to rotate the motor of a blender. This is one of the importance parts of a blender.

06. Base Of A Blender
The blender base is the heart of the motor cause it is the unit and houses of a motor. The base holds the jar and motor or the hole part of the blender. So, the base is most important of a blender.