How To Get Started To Bangladeshi Stock Market For Share Trading

Share TradingThe share trading or stock trading in Bangladesh is controlled by Dhaka stock exchange and Chittagong stock exchange and both of them control all the broker house or securities house.

Basically, Bangladesh share market is consist of adjoining both Dhaka stock exchange and Chittagong stock exchange.

HSC Exam Result 2018 Of Bangladesh Educational Board-All Educational Boards

HSC Result

About and Publish Date of HSC Result 2018: HSC-Higher Secondary Certificate and Equivalent examination started on 02 April 2018 and Continue up to 23 May 2018.

HSC Exam Result 2018 & Alim Result 2018 will be found here.

Top 10 Bangla Natok of Mosharraf Karim-Bangla Drama

Mosharraf KarimMosharraf Karim is considered as a very talented actor of Bangla Natok or Bangla Drama. His acting performances show the truth.

For his brainy acting in various Bangla drama, Mosharraf Karim has achieved many awards from various authorities. Atithi(1999) was the debut drama of this popular Bangla drama actor.

Why Should You Take Your MBA Degree in Management

MBA Degree
Right now, if there comes up a list of the world’s most wanted post-graduate degrees according to the official facts and job sectors depending upon knowledge, skill and experience, MBA or the Master of Business Administration will certainly be on top of it.

And when you are offering a CV with an MBA in Management, you are the very precised jewel the job market is looking out for!

Well, there is no need of telling how important a subject the management is in this world which is ruled by the business faculty and the Management is one of the most vitals of them.

How To Verifiy Bangladesh NID (National ID Card) Online: The Process & The Procedure

National ID Card
Bangladesh Voter ID Card or Bangladesh National ID Card or NID card correction, verification or change or check process is available online in Bangladesh.

It is the special benefit of digital Bangladesh.

Begum Rokeya University

Begum Rokeya UniversityBegum Rokeya University situated in Rangpur is one of the most prestigious public universities in Bangladesh. It has a very good position in the ranking of the best universities in Bangladesh.

The university is named after Begum Rokeya who was the initiator of female education. The university is located in Rangpur which is very developed in education center in spite of having problems like poverty and deprivation.

Rangpur has a number of well-known institutions and Begum Rokeya University is the second public university in this division.

Wake Up Early! Boost Productivity & Improve Health: Watch The Beauty of Early Rising

Wake Up Early! Boost Productivity & Improve Health: Watch The Beauty of Early Rising
“I never knew a man come to greatness or eminence who lay abed late in the morning.” ~ Johnathan Swift

I was a hunger for morning sleep. Due to internet browsing for the reason of freelancing, It was my routine that I wake till midnight and wake up when the time is almost 8-9 o'clock.

101 Study Tips To Enhance Study Skills & Get Brilliant Educational Result

101 study tips
Who is a good student? How he/she becomes a good student? A good student follows some certain steps which are not followed by a bad student(A student who are not making good result and earning knowledge).

How to Make Excellent Result/Grades in HSC Exam-8 Tips

HSC Exam Tips
HSC exam or Higher Secondary Certificate exam is a crucial exam for the students. Just after the SSC exam it’s a new kind of syllabus for the students.

So, at first the exam system may seem a little difficult to the students just after completing the SSC exam. But do not worry. If you stick to the right way, you can make good result in HSC Exam.

How To Be A Smart Student- 5 Special Tips

Smart StudentEvery smart student knows how to study and how to be succeeded.

If you want to be smart student you probably should work hard.

You have to seek the right study tactics and tricks for being a smart student and making a good result in the examination.

How to Beat Anxiety And Stress Naturally And Relax

Anxiety And Stress
Anxiety And Stress
How to Beat Anxiety And Stress Naturally And Relax

It happens to everyone at least once in a life time.

Suppose you know, you have a rough day ahead and it is already late to join the work. Your hands are full with papers and other things. You came out of your room with a big hurry and then couldn’t find the keys in your pocket. The panic moment starts.

How To Open A BO Account For Share Trading In Bangladesh Stock Market

stock tradingIf you want to trade stock in share market, at first you have to open a BO account. It is important to have a BO account for stock trading in the stock market.