The Exorcist by Humayun Ahmed

The Exorcist by Humayun Ahmed is a popular Bangla novel book which is written by Humayun Ahmed.

The Bangla meaning of Exorcist is ‘Vuter Raja’ and you will something horror type story in this Bangla novel.

The story of this book is really a nice and awesome story of the book Exorcist or Vuter Raja.

About The Author:
Humayun Ahmed is a native Bangladeshi writer, filmmaker etc. Humayun Ahmed was a man who loved to follow his dreams.

He has a large contribution in the world of fine arts. He is often considered as a Shakespeare of Bangladesh.

You know, he wrote more than 200 non-fiction Bangla books and all books which are bestsellers in his homeland.

The writing style of Humayun Ahmed was very simple and his character was also mysterious. His familiar content and simple language helped to increase his fan.

He has written many popular Bangla books and his books were more popular in the 1980s and 1990s and some of his famous Bangla books are...
About The Book:
This book is a Bangla horror type book and you will get an interesting ghost story in this book. In the first part of this story, you will get a normal story and well combined of a family relation but at the last part, the main horror thing has happened.

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Book Name: The Exorcist
Writer Name: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Horror / Translated

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