Download Humayun Ahmed Ebook-Ami E Misir Ali

No need to say that Misir Ali is a great character in Bangla Literature which has been made by the thought of Humayun Ahmed. Sometimes, It has been said that the whole character reflects on Humayun Ahmed self. We are going to give you a hardy-nerdy book about Misir Ali named 'Ami E Misir Ali'.
We hope you will enjoy this one like others. So why are you waiting! Just Free download Ami E Misir Ali book of Humayun Ahmed.

In this book, Farid and his wife together try to entrapped Misir Ali. They thought they both are more intelligent than Misir Ali. Farid thinks of himself as a great logical thinker. He tries to put a mysterious network around Misir Ali. But Misir Ali substantiates that Farid is wrong. Putting the logical issue on Farid, Misir Ali saves a girl's life. But Farid is not a person who can be defeat. He also tries as his logical and power on Misir Ali. But, The Logical playing continues. Read and know the ins and pros of this story. It is good for the thought of logical term of the human mind.  Definitely very interesting story. Like other Misir Ali books of Humayun Ahmed, it has also drama, psychological explanation and more.

Book Name: Ami E Misir Ali
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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