Download Ami Ebong Amra by Humayun Ahmed-Misir Ali Based Novel

Download Bangla Book i.e. Bangla Novel Book Ami Ebong Amra by Humayun Ahmed-Misir Ali Based Novel.

Misir Ali, a logical character of popular Bangla novel which is written by Humayun Ahmed. This character has some elementary features. Misir Ali does not believe in any mysterious or irrelevant matter.

Misir Ali would like to believe in logical matters and as a result in order to solve a psychological problem, He likes to go forward with his logical analysis.

In this Bangla book named 'Ami Ebong Amra' of Humayun Ahmed, The writer faces Misir Ali in some mysterious problems which are almost out of any man to be escaped! Because, on the opposite side, There is another person who is also a psychologist! Besides, He is a student of Misir Ali! He has come to Misir Ali to find out his problem. But He also wants to make a test for his sir.

Nevertheless, This is one of greatest books of Misir Ali character which is really full of complex mystery. You will be surprised in every section of this Bangla novel. And definitely, You will be again surprised after getting a solution by Misir Ali!

Download the book named Ami Ebong Amra by Humayun Ahmed and Enjoy like other Humayun Ahmed books.

Book Name: Ami Ebong Amra
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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