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Tondrabilash is a Bangla novel written by Humayun Ahmed. From the name of this novel, It says about sleep. Here not normal sleep. It is abnormal. How is that? Sometimes, We awake and sometimes we sleep. It is our regular routine as a human being. But there are some people who maintain this regular routine, But they are not awakening actually! How is that? The answer lies in the book!

Tondrabilash by Humayun Ahmed is a Bangla novel which has been grown up with the popular character of Misir Ali. Like other Humayun Ahmed books with the character of Misir Ali, This book also has a nice analysis of victim's problems.

Tondra Bilash is a story of a beautiful girl who lives in a big building. The relatives on her father side usually come to meet with her. But She does not get the chance to meet with the relatives of her mother side. Why? Sometimes She sees a girl under her bed at night or at a moment when there is no one! Why? Find out the answers in the book!

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Book Name: Tondrabilash
Written by: Humayun Ahmed

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