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Download Nishad by Humayun Ahmed

Nishad is a novel which is written by Humayun Ahmed. The Bangla Book or Bangla novel named Nishad has been plotted resorting with the popular character of Humayun Ahmed, named Misir Ali. Nishad novel has a beautiful analytical story which gives enjoyment to intelligent readers. Actually there is another side also of this Novel. The another side remains hidden. You will know that if you read this novel named Nishad by Humayun Ahmed.

Like other Humayun Ahmed books, Nishad is much greater book than which are resorting with the character of Misir Ali. Why am I telling this ? Because It is really very very interesting book which is full of natural mystery. I'am also fan of other books which are resorting with the character of Misir Ali. Because, The analysis of Misir Ali is really beautiful!

How many have our life ? What will be happened If you find out yourself into another life which is fully different from your present life? You can remember your past, but you are in to another life! Is it really possible to be happened ? Or If it would be occurred what can nature maintain ? All answers are included in this novel. 

So, Why are you waiting! Just download Bangla Novel named Nishad written by Humayun Ahmed, Read and off course, Enjoy!

Book Name: Nishad
Book Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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