How Fasting Can Increase Your Awareness

There is a close intangible relationship between physical and mental health, I think you may know that.

What is Good Health?

Do you know?

As we know that it is a disease free body. Good health is not only disease free body but also a stress free frame of mind.

Fasting is a kind of thing that will help you to improve your physical and mental health. Fasting is an ancient tradition that is practiced by most cultures and this thing is used as spiritual influence.

Fasting is very important for our health and if you know that you will be encourage for fasting. Fasting will teach you to maintain self-discipline. So, there is a lot of learning things in fasting.

Fasting helps us to weight loss. Fasting improves your sensibility and inhumanity. Fasting improves your hunger and this is very important for our health.

If you can’t eat properly than how will you expect for good health? So, if you want to eat, you have to hunger first. Fasting does it properly.

So, fasting increase your awareness by proving lot of learning thing in our real life.

Improving Self-Awareness by Spiritual Fasting
Do you know, what is spiritual fasting? It is as same as abstaining from eating. The main goal of fasting is not only weight loss. It is correct that you will get lot of physical benefit by fasting but there is something spiritual benefit also.

Fasting is also a great way to improve yourself awareness by just that how much you are the pre- programmed to your eating habits. Fasting creates physical hunger regarding when to eat and how much to eat.

The intent of this point is to discuss about the spiritual benefits of fasting. In the Muslim’s tradition, there are a lot of spiritual benefits of fasting such as by it you will get better understands the word of God and you can obey Him properly. Spiritual fasting opens your heart at such a physical level so that you can become more truthful and trusted.

It is help to open your self-awareness thorough temporary self-denial so that you can achieve the height spiritual level. By this fasting you will regain control of your addictions.

Patience is very important in our life and fasting which an element of the spiritual journey to God. Fasting will help to increasing and developing of your patience. So, it is giving teaching you to keep patience of your life when you would be got any trouble.

Improving Physical Awareness by Fasting
Now a days, many are participating in fast so that they can lose weight through it. If you aware of your face, you should do fast for clean face. It renews and perhaps kick star to the body into a new state of wellness. Fasting helps you to look and feel better and with the time experience as well as he combined of practicing of meditation it will help very much.

If you keep fast, you will be healthy. It’s guaranteed. The three fathers of Western Medicine (Hippocrates, Paracelsus and Galen) described, fasting is the greatest remedy for many diseases. “Life Magazine” in September 1996, considered fasting as the healing of revolution.

Fasting can be very helpful for practicing for those who is suffering with the binge eating disorders and who finding it difficult to establish a correct eating patterns due to work.

The outstanding physicians named fasting and it has become one of the best medicines for the 21st century. The human body is designed like that if will heal itself, if only given the opportunity by us. Fasting is the most effective biological method of treatment our health and you can believe without any doubt.

It is like an operation our body without any surgery. Fasting purified our blood presser and help to keep relaxation of body. It is the remedy of many illnesses like allergies, chronic diseases, kidneys diseases, tension and migraine headaches and skin diseases. Fasting clean and nourish your cells and you will be on the road to better health.

Fasting is very helpful for our stomach. When you in fast you stop eating as nutrition for while then flurry of cleansing starts up like the rugs are lifted and the dirty dishes of our stomach are brought out of the cabinet.

Fasting has shown the improvement of brain function because it helps to boost up production of protein.

So, if we can fast for our God, then it reaches benefits to us in three ways such as mental, physical and god award. That's why we should give more emphasize on it.