Kalo Sonar Deshe – Tintin Bangla comics Book

Kalo Sonar Deshe is a series of The Adventure of Tintin. In this Bangla comic book, you will get an amazing story that will give you feeling of adventure. Tintin discovers very valuable thing.

Tintin is a very popular Bangla comic character. The author Herge created Tintin as a eugenically white aged 14-15 years old.

The character Tintin was came from the middle-class, which the author considered that the character had in common with Herge.

Herge first dressed in a long travelling coat and hat of Tintin but few pages later he changed it. So, there are a lot of things happened to Tintin.

The most popular Tintin Bangla comics books are Flight 714/ Calculaser Kanda/ Congoy Tintin/ Chandraloke Avizan/ Ascharza Ulka etc.

By the way, in this Tintin Comics, Tintin is a great reporter and he has the ability to do something better and overcoming a dangerous situation. He has the intelligence of understanding the clue of solving a problem.

So, download the Tintin Bangla comic book Kalo Sonar Deshe and Read Bangla book to Enjoy!

Book Name: Kalo Sonar Deshe – Tintin Bangla comics Book
Writer Name: Herge
Book Type: Bangla Comics

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