Calculaser Kanda (Tintin) Bangla Comics Book Download

Calculaser Kanda is a Bangla comic book which is a series of Tintin Comics book.

The story of this comics book is really awesome. If you read this Bangla book, you will definitely get pleasure.

Tintin is a young boy who loves adventures and his character is colorful and he is neutral.

This neutral personality allows all the readers to not merely follow the adventures but must assume Tintin’s position within the story.

Tintin creator, Hearge died in 1983. He has created lot of popular literary figure. Tintin has been criticized because of his controversial attitudes to the race and other factors have been honored.

Some of other popular tintin Bangla comics are Ascharza Ulka/ Biplovider Jangole and Bombate Jahaj etc.

By the way, The Comics Bangla book of Tintin is really an awesome Comics book.

So, download the Bangla comics book Calculaser Kanda and Read Bangla book to Enjoy!

Book Name: Calculaser Kanda (Tintin) Bangla Comics
Writer Name: Herge 

Book Type: Bangla Comics

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