Flight 714 - Banlga Tintin Comics Book

Flight 714 is a series of Bangla comic book The Adventures of Tintin.

The story of this Bangla comic book is about an airplane flight 714. In this flight, there is something happened miracle.

What is the miracle story of this flight? If you want to know, you have to download and read the whole book as with fun.

The author named Mr. Herge of this book is really a great and popular writer. He has written 24 series of this Tintin Bangla comic book.

Tintin was a journalist and a good intelligent boy. Tintin appeared first at the Catholic newspaper when the author Herge got his first job where his director said him to create a new serialized comic for the Thursday supplement of this newspaper.

The most popular Tintin Bangla Comics are Ascharza Ulka/ Congoy Tintin/ Biplovider Jangole/ Chade Tintin/ Bombate Jahaj etc.

By the way, Tintin Comics or Tintin in Bengali is one of the most popular Comics in Bangla books.

So, download the Bangla Comic book Flight 714 and Read Bangla Book to Enjoy!

Book Name: Flight 714 - Banlga Tintin Comics Book
Writer Name: Herge

Book Type: Bangla Comics Book

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