Honon by Ahsan Habib (Bangla Graphical Novel)

Honon by Ahsan Habib is a Bangla graphic novel book or a comic novel which is written by Ahsan Habib.

Do you know, what is meant by the graphical novel?

A graphical novel is a book that made up of comics content or a novel which was written on the base of a diagram.

Actually, this term is not strictly defined but we can say that a graphical novel is a fictional story that is presented in a comic-strip format or cartoon drawings and it is published as a book.

About The Author:
Ahsan Habib (Cartoonist) is a great and popular Bangladeshi cartoonist, editor of Unmad magazine and a writer.

Ahsan Habib was born in Bangladesh and he was the third son of Foyezur Rahman. The mother's name of Ahsan Habib was Ayesha Foyez.

Ahsan Habib’s father was a police officer and he was killed by the Pakistani army during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971.

The elder brother’s name of Ahsan Habib was Humayun Ahmed & Muhammad Jafar Iqbal and they both are also a great writer.

The wife name of Ahsan Habib was Afroza Amin. Ahsan Habib was a student of Dhaka University and he graduated from this renowned university.

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About The Book:
Honon by Ahsan Habib’ is the first written graphical novel by Ahsan Habib.

Ahsan Habib tried to make a shape as a graphical novel of his own story. You will find the story in this book out of comic’s story. These graphical novels are becoming very popular among many countries in the world.

By the way, the writer or author of this book has written this graphical novel to encourage the young generation to this site.

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Book Name: Honon
Writer Name: Ahsan Habib
Book Type: Novel / Graphical Novel / Comic Genre

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