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Kanvanga Murti – Tintin Bangla comics Book

Kanvanga Murti is a series of The Adventures of Tintin. You will find something mystery story in this Bangla book.

The Tintin comics are so popular that a film was made on the base of The Adventures of Tintin.

Mr. Herge first was thought about the idea of the naming of his new magazine Tintin. He wanted such a name that would attract a wide audience.

The magazine Tintin used a logo featuring the Tintin character himself.

The personality of Tintin was related to the author Herge. Herge also loved adventures. Actually, Tintin personality was incoherent as sometimes he become foolish and sometimes he more intelligent.

The most popular and remarkable Tintin Bangla Comics books are Kalo Sonar DesheFlight 714/ Conjoy Tintin and Chade Tintin etc.

By the way, it is most popular Bangla book and this series is also popular.

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Book Name: Kanvanga Murti – Tintin Bangla comics Book
Author: Herge
Book Type: Bangla Comics Book

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