Congoy Tintin - Bangla Comics Ebook Download

Congoy Tintin is a series of the adventure of Tintin and this Bangla comic book is one of the most popular comic books in Bangla.

The story of the book Congoy Tintin is really an amazing and funny Bangla comic story.

The funny character is the dog and the name of this dog is Snowy.

It is also a fictional character in the adventures of Tintin and this fox is a white color.

It is a companion to Tintin in all series.

The writer of this Bangla comic book Herge was born to a lower-middle-class family in Etterbeek, Brussels.

Mr. Herge began his career by contributing on illustrations to scouting magazines and developing his first comic series, The Adventures of Tintin.

There are some Tintin popular series is available on Bangla Books PDF and these are Chade Tintin/ Ascharza Ulka/ Chandraloke Avizan/ Calculaser Kanda/ Biplovider Jangole and Bombate Jahaj etc.

By the way, there are 22 series of Tintin and the above series are most popular.

So, download the Bangla book or Bangla Comic book Congoy Tintin and Read Bangla book to Enjoy!

Book Name: Congoy Tintin - Bangla Comics Ebook Download
Writer: Herge
Book Type: Bangla Comics PDF

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