List of Novels of Himu Character by Humayun Ahmed

All Novels of Himu Character by Humayun Ahmed. Himu Novels Download PDF.

Himu is one of the popular mysterious characters in Bangla literature created by popular writer Humayun Ahmed.

Humayun Ahmed wrote the first book with Himu many years ago and named Moyurakkhi. Yellow is the favorite color of Himu and He wears yellow dress. He walks on foot without any shoe.

Himu's father wanted to make him as a saint.  That's why Himu's father makes grown up himu according to his rules and regulation where no rule of normal human life can be applicable except some rule of human living. Himu grows up...And as a result of his father's experiments, He gets something which can't be explain. Thus Himu's activities goes to out of logic which means anti-logic activities.

Humayun Ahmed has written some novels with Himu which have gotten tremendous popularity.

However, We are placing here some  novels of Humayun Ahmed with Himu character.

  1.  Angul Kata Jaglu by Humayun Ahmed
  2. Aj Himur Biye by Humayun Ahmed
  3. Himur Hate Koyekti Neel Poddo by Humayun Ahmed
  4. Himur Rupali Ratry by Humayun Ahmed
  5. Himu Mama by Humayun Ahmed
  6. Himur Ditio Prohor by Humayun Ahmed
  7. Holud Himu Kalo RAB by Humayun Ahmed
  8. Dorjar Opashe by Humayun Ahmed
  9. Ebong Himu by Humayun Ahmed
  10. Moyurakkhi by Humayun Ahmed

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