Bangla Book Titled Rupar Palonko by Humayun Ahmed

Bangla Book Rupar Palonko by Humayun Ahmed
Download Bangla Ebook PDF Titled Rupar Palonko by Humayun Ahmed.

Bangla novel Rupar Palonko by Humayun Ahmed is a such kind of novel which have a story of very simple earner people who dream to be rich or to live with some tension free moments of money.

The novel starts when the main character of this novel named 'Farid' goes to for a interview. The interview was not for any job at all. It was to donate a part of his body. He wants to sell and by the money he will build his own business so that he can escape from the hardness of lacking money. He has a nice dream. His grandma lives in village. He goes to visit her. And He also visit a girl. The girl dreams with him.

The novel is actually a very tragedy full novel of life. Because, this novel shows very close hardness of our real life. Actually, we live so that we can achieve our dreams and fulfill the expectations. But most of our dreams goes to nothing due to many reasons. But we begins to see new dream and our life go forward. This is the life only!

There are also some other elements in this novel. There are two more characters along with the main character. You will also be able to know their hardship and struggle for living.

If you have interested to the story of such tragedy full novel, download the novel named Rupar Palonko by Humayun Ahmed and read as well as find the mystery of life.

Book Name: Rupar Palonko
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Novel

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