Bangla Book Titled Prothom Prohor by Humayun Ahmed

Bangla Book Prothom Prohor by Humayun Ahmed
Download Prothom Prohor by Humayun Ahmed and read it to know how much may the life be hard and how can a person becomes lonely. If you read this Humayun Ahmed books named Prothom Prohor, you will see the real life tragedy. And you must feel the better position of you.

In this novel of Humayun Ahmed, the writer has shown a very hard life in which once all elements of life were existed. But when the time has passed and age grown, the family members have tried to seek their better positions, the life has changed totally. This novel shows us that life is very changeable.

Once you have all thing, many happiness, later you may not have anything or very little. On the contrary, once have not anything, you may get all happiness later.

So, you want to feel the movement of life, you can download this Bangla book, and read it to observe the real life and how the great writer has plotted the life in such novel.

Basically, It is a story of a person who are waiting for his operation and may be for death! When the possibility of death comes in front of us, we really feel how beautiful was our life!

Book Name: Prothom Prohor
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Bangla Novel

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