How to Get New National ID Card Registration Online- Procedure & Benefits

Bangladesh National ID Card
Applying Process of New National ID Card Registration: You know, National ID card is a very important document in Bangladesh and nowadays, you cannot do any official activity without your national ID card.

Everywhere is needed our national ID card such as Bio-metric SIM registration, MRP Passport, the immigration issue & checking, job application, opening a bank account in Bangladesh etc.

However, Now... I will show you that the applying process of new national ID card registration and I am giving you the details information.

Election Commission of Bangladesh has given the opportunity to registration for new National ID card Online and if you want to become a new voter or if you want to get new National ID card then you can apply for ID card online.

The process is given below and we are providing the process step by step for apply New national ID card or new voter ID card.

Welcome the New national ID card registration Process and please read below condition carefully.

  • • Citizen of Bangladesh
  • • If you are under 18, you should not apply.
  • • If you are already a voter, you must not apply because it is a crime.
  • • You must provide correct information.
  • • If you want to know details, please click here. 

Before applying for new voter ID card, please follow some important tips:
  •  Give all correct information and step by step with carefully. 
  • Before submission, you must see application preview. 
  • You have to submit the online application to the election office by Printing PDF file and you should go there with necessary documents. 
  •  Fill up all information in Bangla Unicode without your full name. 
  •  Collect your ID card by submitting your ID Slip.

Now, you have to go to the official website of EC and fill up your application Form. So, click now.

Apply For New National ID Card 
To apply for a new national ID card, you need to first visit here(Online Registration Portal).

At first, you must read all notice and you have to give your Email ID & mobile number.
Then click on the Bangla Text ...

Bangladesh National ID Card

and the English meaning of this text is I agree & want to fill up registration form. As like as below page. Notice at the right corner of the image shown below.

Bangladesh National ID Card

If you give your Email ID or your Phone Number and click on “I agree & want to fill up Registration Form”, then you will find a new page.

In the new page, you have to fill up or give all information as like as...
personal information: Others Information: Present Address: Permanent Address as shown in the  below image.

Bangladesh National ID Card

After filling up all steps, you must read carefully and then submit. You can save and complete later.

Thus, you can be a new voter if you follow the above instruction.

How to Know...
The National ID Smart Card Distribution Date
Now, we will discuss about new information of national ID card. We have recently known that Election Commission of Bangladesh(EC) has started a project of Distribution of National ID Smart Card.

You will get this National ID smart card as free and all citizens above 18 will also get this. I know that you have an ID card but this ID card is laminated Card which is very normal. For this reason, EC take a decision to provide Chip System ID card that is Smart ID card.

If you have already National ID card, you can be sure by National ID card online Verification Process through online. Also, you can change your Nation ID card from verification process.

Election Commission of Bangladesh (EC) is distributing the Smart National ID card approximately ten core voters. In this smart ID Card will contain all the information about a citizen.

Bangladesh Smart NID Card

How to Check Smart Card Distribution Date
If you have a registration, you will get Smart ID card. At that time, few areas are coverage by EC for distribution of smart ID card. You can know the date of your smart ID card distribution date and details. See below how to get smart NID card date.

You can check or know your Smart ID card distribution date through 3 ways and we are giving ways details below.

1. Check Smart Card Distribution Date through Online
At first, you have to check your ID card Issue date. For checking that, click on

If you click on the above link then you will see a page like below...

Bangladesh National ID Card

In this page, you must provide your NID card number or voter registration slip number and must give proper date of birth and last fill up the Captcha code and then click on the submit button or at the Bangla text...

After submission your information or after clicking on the text, you will get to know the smart card distribution date and center name. You will know the center name where your card will give you. But if you see an error massage like as below,

“No data found for: Your card distribution dates is not scheduled yet, please try later.”

That means you are not getting the smart ID card yet but you will get Smart ID card some days later.

2. Check Smart Card Distribution Date Through SMS

Every registered voter can know or check the smart NID card distribution date through sending SMS by any mobile operator. How to do SMS, the process are given below.

SC(Space)NID(Space)Your 17 Digit NID number and send to 105 
Example: SC NID 19725038293049382 then send to 105

Please Note It: If your NID card contains 13 Digits, you have to add your birth date before the NID number. Your ID card number is 5038293049382 then you must add your birth date 1972 before the number like 19725038293049382.

If You don’t have a NID card, But You have a voter registration slip, then you have to send message like below.

SC F Registration slip Number D Birth date (YY-mm-dd) and send 105 
Example: SC F 1234567 D 1972-12-25 and send 105

3. Check Smart Card ID Card Distribution Date through Phone Call

You can check your smart NID card distribution date through calling 105.

Some Tips:
  1. Go to the distribution center on the issue date. That got through online, SMS or Phone Call.
  2. You must carry your main NID card.
  3. If you have not main NID card because you are a new voter, then you have to carry your voter registration slip.
  4. You have to carry your ID card GD, if you lost your NID card.

What are the facilities of National Identity Card? 
The importance of NID Card

Usually, an NID card is required if you are going to apply for...(any of below facilities as a Bangladeshi citizen)...
  1. National Identity of Citizens
  2. Making Passport
  3. Driving License
  4. Property buying and selling
  5. Gas and electricity connections
  6. Marriage Registration
  7. Insurance Schemes
  8. Vehicle Registration
  9. Business Trading License
  10. Buying Share Capital
  11. BIN Facility
  12. Government Support
  13. Government VAT or Tax
  14. Bank Loan Support
  15. Opening Bank Accounts
  16. SIM Registration
  17. Mobile Connection
  18. Health Cards
  19. Admission Facilities
  20. E- Cash
  21. Bank Transactions and more…

Applying Process for National ID Card in Bangladesh (Offline)

National ID card is an identity card that is used to each citizen of a country and this card is required under certain circumstances.

01. Who are eligible to apply for NID card?

Every citizen of Bangladesh is eligible to apply for NID card but the following qualifications must be needed...
  1. A citizen of Bangladesh
  2. Should not less than 18 years of age.
  3. Sound mind
Every citizen can apply for only one National Identity Card. If you want to get your ID card, you must require registration,  after the registration and then you will be able to obtain a national ID card.

02. What is the procedure of applying for NID card?
After completing the registration form, you will give a slip and in this slip includes an appointment date. Voters must attend at the appointed time at registration centers.

The voter is verified by the local government representative for correctness after approaching at the registration centers.

After verification, the operator will take your photo, fingerprints and they will upload voter’s data into a computer.

03. What Documents are required to apply for New NID card
  • Birth certificate
  • S.S.C certificate
  • Passport
  • Driving Certificate
  • House rent receipt/ Tax receipt.
  • Mother/ Father/ Husband/ wife’s ID card Photocopy

Therefore, you know, a national ID card is valid for 15 years from the date of issuance and everyone must re-register at least 6 months before the expiry date.

If you want to see Voter registration form, here it is Voter registration form 2(Download PDF)

So, thus you may apply for your National Identity Card and there is the main office of the head office of Voter Processing. You may contact for any kind of information and solve your problem by going the head office and I am giving Office location and contact number below.

National ID Wing
Islamic Foundation Bhaban
Agargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone Number: 088-02-8126201, 088-02-8150846.

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