Bangla Video Editing Book-Adobe Premiere Desktop Video Editing-Book Review

If you want to learn video editing and manage your video for own interest or if you want to learn professional video editing, a good trainer can teach you well. But if you can’t manage a good trainer to learn video editing, then what should you do?

In that case, following a good book can be a good pathway to learn such task at all. There are really enough lack of good books in the Bangladeshi computer book market about video editing. However, this book review post of Bangla Books PDF is going to let you know about a good Bangla video editing book so that you can fulfill your purpose and be skilled on video editing.

The name of the book is ‘Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Including Version Pro2, Pro1 & 6.5” The book is not only about the essential directions of operating “Adobe Premiere” But also with Sound Forge, Audio Grabber, iFilm Edit, Morpher2, Nero and After Effects useful instructions. So, following this book to learn video editing may be fulfill if you can mange the following properly. And after enough practices, You may become a good video editor.

Video Editing

So, if you have the target to become a good and expert video editor by learning video editing perfectly, you can follow it. Because, there are a lot of  expert video editors in Bangladesh who have learned video editing by following this book. It is a primitive and pioneer video editing book in the Bangla Computer Books market.

Now, you will get some details information about this book so that you can decide whether you are following this book or not. Or, you may think would it be appropriate for you or not.

Note: We’ve a paperback copy of third edition(July-2008), We’ll conduct the review based on that edition. Future edition or upgrade version of this Bangla video editing book may be available.

Book Name: Adobe Premiere Desktop Video Editing
Writer: Bappi Ashraf
First Publish: November-2001
Last Publish: We've July-2008 edition. Future edition or Upgrade version may be existed!
Published By: Gyankosh Prokashani
Price: Tk. 470/=Only
Amount of Pages: 615 Pages
Book Type: Bangla Video Editing Book

Our Comment
We’ve seen some good quality video editor skills persons who have learned and earned their editing knowledge by following this book. So, from our practical observation, we can frankly speak that this book is enough good to learn video editing.

What Will You Get Actually
The writer has written some good Bangla computer books. And his books can be called as pioneer computer books. Because, they have published on the early days of computer operating in Bangladesh. However, his books have the upward demands and provides some beneficially staffs. For that reasons, they are popular. Like other books of the writer Bappi Ashraf, This book has also same applause. You may check out his another book named Adobe Photoshop(Bangla Graphics Design Book) review.

However, the writer basically writes with the thought of ‘teach yourself’, and for this, such books are really helpful to learn something by oneself. And all lesson have been shown with the necessary illustration with proper screen shots of editing task.

In the light of above Bangla video editing book review, it can be said, if you have the desire to learn video editing, you should check out this book at least for one time. After that if you think it will be praiseworthy for you then, you can take the decision to follow it for learning video editing.