How To Verifiy Bangladesh NID (National ID Card) Online: The Process & The Procedure

National ID Card
Bangladesh Voter ID Card or Bangladesh National ID Card or NID card correction, verification or change or check process is available online in Bangladesh.

It is the special benefit of digital Bangladesh.

If you want to verify your National ID card, you must keep your hand your main National ID Card. You have to give a lot of information with correctly from your main National ID Card.

So, From Bangla Books PDF, we are now giving you the information and presenting a tutorial on Bangladesh National ID Card online verification process with nicely below.

First Step: If you want to check your NID information, firstly you have to visit below Election Commission Bangladesh site and the site is  - first you visit this URL.

If you go there, you will get a page like this...

Bangladesh National ID Card

Second Step: you have to click on “Registration Form Purun Korte Chai”. If you click on the button, you will see the below page.

Bangladesh National ID Card

If you want to check your NID information or ID card online, you must register this form by filling up the form.

You have to give proper or correct information at the time of filling up your form. In this Step, you have to fill up all information from your National ID Card and give below information like as...

- Enter NID Number (You have to give NID Number from your National ID Card)
- Enter Your Date of Birth
- Your Phone Number
- Enter Your Email Address

You have to enter your present and permanent address and the last one is You can enter any password as twice and just enter the captcha and then click on ‘Rigister’.

Third Step: If you click on the button on ‘Register’, you will see the writing is processing your request.

After that, you will get a new page and simultaneously you will get a new code on your mobile number. And on this page, you just must write the code in the blank box. The new page like that...

Bangladesh National ID Card

After writing the code on the blank box, you must click on the button ‘Register’ again and then you will see another new page.

Fourth Step: If you click on the button of ‘Register’, you will see another new page and the page is like that
Bangladesh National ID Card

In this page, you are seeing that your account has been activated that means you have an account on the site of ECB.

So, here you will give your NID number from your National ID Card again and your date of birth.

You give the password that you have given in the second step; you must give the same password here in the blank box of the password.

And last after inputting Captcha, you have to click on the button ‘Samne’. After clicking that button, you will see ‘processing your request’.

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Fifth Step: After showing ‘Processing Your Request’, you will see a new page and you will get a new SMS on your mobile number again.

This massage is another code number that you must give in the below code box. The page is like that...

Bangladesh National ID Card

After gave the code, you will get your expected NID information.

If you get all same information that has on your ID card that means Your ID card verification is OK.

And if it is not showing the same information, you can change your ID information, photo etc online in this same way. Actually, registration in this site is the main for doing anything of NID card.