Nihsongotar Eksho Bosor by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Nihsongotar Eksho Bosor by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a great and popular book. The writer of this book Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born in Aracataca, Colombia.

Mr. Gab grew up listening to family tales and eventually becoming a journalist. His writing style is so good that at that time he got the world readership.

His fiction work introduced to readers to a magical realism. In that magical realism, these are combined more conventional storytelling with interesting vivid fantasy.

One Hundred Years of Solitude ...the Bangla meaning of this book is Nihsongotar Eksho Bosor  which is a greatly popular book over worldwide. He has lot of books these are got worldwide audiences but this book is one of them. Gabriel Garcia Marquez won a Novel prize in 1982. This book was translated by G H Habib.

So if you want to read a good Bangla translated book, then you can choose to read the book named  One Hundred Years of Solitude or Nihsongotar Eksho Bosor of the prominent writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

This book was written by a family story. But the family is not a normal family. In this family, there is a member who has is very courageous. This family settled their dense in the deep forest. So, then there are a lot of events happened to them. What types of event? Do you want to know? So, you have to read the story.

Book Name: Nihsongotar Eksho Bosor
Writer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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