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There are many lacking in the system of education in Bangladesh. But some Universities are trying to overcome it and to step forward. National University is one of them.

The National University of Bangladesh was established to impart post-graduate and graduate level education to the students of Bangladesh through its beneficiary colleges and institutions by an Act of Parliament.

It is considered as world’s fifth largest university according to enrollment for its number of affiliated colleges, the number registered students and number of expanding courses and subjects.

The headquarter of the National University of Bangladesh is situated at Gazipur, Dhaka. Ever since the National University of Bangladesh has been playing the important role in educating students at the same time providing them with opportunities for higher studies.

Its main target was to make it welcoming for students from rural and semi-rural background seeking higher study at an affordable means. It is almost impossible to run the curriculum of the University efficiently concerning its 2000 affiliated institutions and colleges from a single Headquarters while following a simple and traditional method as the education of Bangladesh depends on it much.

The Though National University of Bangladesh is expanded all over Bangladesh but students rush towards the colleges in Capital, Dhaka.

Bangladesh National University
Head Office of National University

The present administration body of the National University is trying to turn it into a digitized University. For this cause, they have already taken a number of actions. This will definitely standardize the education of Bangladesh by helping the students to overcome the session jam which is common in National University today.

There has been some initiative to transform the Gazipur campus into a starting point of Excellence which will be focusing on higher research and M. Phil and Ph.D.This is a must step because in this competing era an average student can’t stand high and compete on the global platform. The national university of Bangladesh offers subjects and courses concerned science, ARTS, and commerce.

Social Sciences and Institute of Humanities was first opened in 1997 which offered two-year M.Phil.The degree that followed modern American credit hour, semester system which also included thesis guided by a supervisor, coursework and two-month internship.

The M.Phil. The degree could take the students one step closer in pursuing Ph.D. the Institute of Liberation and Bangladesh Studies, Institute of Business and Management Studies, Institutes of National Science— have finished all the formalities toward their constitutions. They will soon be ready to provide higher course related to national heritage, needs of life, science.

It is sad but true that many of the teachers who are teaching at the National University of Bangladesh do not have higher training. There is a lack of good and well-explained able teacher too!

The training programs are designed to supplement the awareness of the college teachers enhancing their skill and expose them to higher ideas. Reputed educationists of the country are connected with the academic programs which are provided on campus. The colleges under National University provide courses leading to Pass, Honors and of course Masters Degrees.

For the growth of the education in Bangladesh, National University is playing really a very important and effective role. Therefore, the development of National University is greatly required.

Because there are so many students are dependent on it to get higher education in Bangladesh.