How To Get Started To Bangladeshi Stock Market For Share Trading

Share TradingThe share trading or stock trading in Bangladesh is controlled by Dhaka stock exchange and Chittagong stock exchange and both of them control all the broker house or securities house.

Basically, Bangladesh share market is consist of adjoining both Dhaka stock exchange and Chittagong stock exchange.

However, the Share Market is one of the economic backbones of a nation. The stock business or share trading(also called Stock Trading) is very helpful for the industrialists and other people. Starting share market business in Bangladesh is easy to go the process.

With a simple investment and step, a person with a quiet mind can start to Bangladeshi share market(Bangladesh Stock Market). Following phases should be followed to get started...

1st phase: A person must need enough money to invest in the share market. There are two kinds of shares in Bangladeshi share market.

Firstly the primary share and the other is called the secondary share.

Industrialist and high profile investors use secondary share. The risk and profit both are high.

If shareholders lose a simple investment, a huge amount can be caused. Primary share is applicable for small investors. They invest a good and a small sum of money. This investment is usable for shortlisted companies.

After knowing about those two types of share, one must decide which way the shareholder should go.

If he wants to become a primary shareholder, then need to apply for the primary share in the stock exchange.

If the person is available with a lot of money, then need to apply for the secondary share. The companies will grant whether the person is eligible for becoming a shareholder or not.

2nd phase: Getting granted by listed companies, the shareholder has to sign an agreement.

This agreement will be under the law of Bangladesh constitution. It will be a memorandum from the listed companies.

Then one-time subscription charge will be taken from the new shareholder. This money can also be deducted from the agreement fee. The charges vary from secondary and primary shares. Shareholders must be aware of the risks which are to be taken. Under the regulation act of 42, shareholders will be charged a monthly fee. The subscription offer can be extended as annual.

A discount offer will be charged for the annual subscription term. The total process will take more than one month to be completed. Again, there is some sort of legal protection have to be added.

3rd phase: After completing the subscription term, an insurance policy is required for getting started in the Bangladeshi share market. This will reduce the risk of investments. The Primary downfall of any share will increase the chance of losing money in the stock market.

On the other hand, secondary share causes not only a big sum of money but also creates difficulty for shareholders. It will be under a bank or an insurance policy to ensure the minimum amount to get a return as savior.

The risk of losing money and getting profit is the two sides of the same coin. So this phase is very important.

stock trading

Final phase: Getting started with the Bangladeshi share market process comes to an end by investing real money for a company. The company which allows becoming the member will probably take the chance to make the profit from the investment. Then you can start investing in the share market.

Steps and phases described above are very effective and full process for getting started in the Bangladeshi share market.

Investing money on the stock market is your own risk. So, it is an identity of a wised-man to acquire enough knowledge and expertise before investing money.