Top 10 Private Universities of Bangladesh 2018

Top 10 Private Universities in Bangladesh

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Top 10 Private Universities in Bangladesh. We've adjusted them as their education quality & service quality. So enjoy the post!

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10.University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
Location: Dhanmondi, Dhaka

09. American International University
Location: Khilkhet, Dhaka

08. Daffodil International University
Location: Dhanmondi, Dhaka

07. University of Asia Pacific
Location: Green Road, Dhaka

06. United International University
Location: Badda, Dhaka

05. East-West University
Location: Aftabnagar, Dhaka

04. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology
Location: Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka

03. Independent University Bangladesh
Location: Bashundhara, Dhaka

02. North-South Universtiy
Location: Bashundhara, Dhaka

01. BRAC
Location: Mohakhali, Dhaka

1. BRAC University
It is one of the highest ranked among private universities in Bangladesh. The quality of study at this university is very good. Actually, the study expense is also high.

You know the BRAC University is situated in Mohakhali and BRAC is entrusted by the IEB.

Many other universities in the USA and Canada also given recognition that it is one of the best private universities in Bangladesh.

2. North South University (NSU)
North South University is the first established private university in Bangladesh and it was established in 1992.

On that time it was established for the promotion of education and research in Bangladesh. It was also renamed later and presently called NSU.

Actually, in the early 1990s, at that time there was no relevant law in the country to set up and operate a private university in Bangladesh.

This private university in Bangladesh first took the entire burden and extended efforts in assisting the government in formulating the relevant law.

3. Independent University Bangladesh
IUB was established in 1993 and it one of the top leading private universities in Bangladesh 2019.

The ambition or focus of the university is Research and Global Partnerships.

IUB campus situated over 3 acres and has an amphitheater, state of the art laboratories and a well-equipped library with online access.

Actually, in this university, there are over 50 classrooms, lecturer galleries, a world-class auditorium and food court, playground, medical center, gymnasium, counseling center, students dormitory and an alumni office for full student service.

4. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology
IIt was established in 1995 in Dhaka. Actually, this university was founded by the Dhaka Ahsania Mission and it is a non-profit voluntary organization in Bangladesh. This Mission was established by Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah in 1958.

The Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology is trying to develop the human resources int he fields of science, engineering, and technology to meet over the changing needs around the gloves.

If you are a science background students you may choose this university for completing your higher study.

5. East-West University
If you want to read in a private university that must be affordable cost, you can choose the East-West University. East-West University was established in 1996 with 6 faculties.

When it was launched there were only 20 students and 6 faculty members but Today there are 8914 students and 216 faculty members.

6. United International University
There is a vision of this university and this is to become excellence in learning and research in South Asia.

If you want to read this university you will be a good and excellent human being and this is the mission of this United International University.

This private university has built a permanent campus on Badda and this university has shifted their campus in 2018.

7. University of Asia Pacific
This university is a government approved university and it was established in 1996.

This private university provides four-year bachelor degree and the discipline of this private university in Bangladesh is very good.

8. Daffodil International University
This university was established in 2002 and it is one of the most popular private university in Bangladesh situated Dhanmondi.

Actually, this is university has multiple campuses and the main campus in Dhanmondi. This university has 5 faculties and 23 departments.

9. American International University
This private university was established in 1994 and the founder of this private university is Dr. Anwarul Abedin.

If you want to be a professional excellence then you must study at the American International Private University in Bangladesh.

10. University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
This university is one of the private university in Bangladesh which was established in 2003 and give big priority of Liberal Arts and Sustainability into its curricula program.

This university gives an opportunity for every student to research and make them as faculty members.

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