Begum Rokeya University

Begum Rokeya UniversityBegum Rokeya University situated in Rangpur is one of the most prestigious public universities in Bangladesh. It has a very good position in the ranking of the best universities in Bangladesh.

The university is named after Begum Rokeya who was the initiator of female education. The university is located in Rangpur which is very developed in education center in spite of having problems like poverty and deprivation.

Rangpur has a number of well-known institutions and Begum Rokeya University is the second public university in this division.

In 2008, Begum Rokeya University was founded to fulfill the need of a high standard university for the students of honors.

Before the foundation of this university, It was very difficult for the local students to complete their honors course as they had to come to a different city for the further study.

So they always felt the need for a university in their own region. And so after a long time, Begum Rokeya University was founded and introduced to everyone in the very beginning of 2008.

Earlier it was named as Rangpur University but later the name was changed.

It began its journey in the same year. The campus of the university is in the south part of Rangpur. The academic curriculum started from the session 2008-09.

The university follows the semester system which includes two semesters a year for the students.

Begum Rokeya University

At the very beginning, the university had only 300 seats for the students and in the first year of admission test, about 18000 students contested for the seats.

There were only two faculties- faculty of arts and faculty of science and engineering. These two faculties contained six different subjects which are Bangla, English, Economics, Business administration, Mathematics, and CSE.

Gradually, the university has developed a lot. Now it has six different faculties containing twenty-one departments. About four thousand students are studying here now. It has an enriched library and cafeteria in the campus premises.

Begum Rokeya University also provides hostel to the students who come from all over the country.

Begum Rokeya University

Begum Rokeya University has a number of tremendous teachers who earned their degrees from different institutions at home or abroad. They try to give their best to teach their students. They are well equipped to provide the best education to their students.

Still, more teachers and officials are getting recruited into the university as it is being expanded day by day. In these couple of years, this university has already arranged various types of programs on special days.

There is a scholarship foundation for the talented students run by the kind people of the division. Students who want this scholarship have to get good grades in their honors courses.

Begum Rokeya University

Begum Rokeya University is gradually becoming a tremendous center for research work and higher studies.

The authority always tries to make sure the best education for the students and also hopes to go a long way.

Indeed, students who will get admitted here will be provided with better education and a prosperous future.