List of Bangladeshi Management Courser Institution

Management Institute: 

This Post will be helpful for Business Management and other commerce students.

If you are looking for a national level training institution on Management Subject, you are in the right place. I am giving the list of Business Management Institutions and some of them have international recognition too.

You can take a course after finishing your Honors or MBA or after your HSC Examination. Now, you are doing a job and a mid-level officer then you also can take any course.

If you have Honors or MBA Certificate+ BIM Course then you will easily get the corporate office job.  However, Look below...

1. Bangladesh Institute of Management(BIM): 

It is a national level management institution which was established in 1961 by the East Pakistan Government. The main objective of the BIM is to train or develop managers at all levels engaged in commercial, industrial or NGOs.
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2. Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management(BIBM):

This institute was established for the development of Human Resources of the banking site. It entered into the education program offering a post-graduate program in bank management in 1997.
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3. Bangladesh Institute of Management Studies(BIMS):

This Institution was established in 2004 and it has international recognition too. Actually, it is one of the largest management or business training providers in the country. It has approval learning partner such as Heriot-Watt University(UK), ICAEW, SQA.
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4. Institue of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh(ICMAB): 

It was established as Pakistan Institute with Industrial Accountants (PIIA) in 1958 and later it was re-established with new name ICMAB in 1972. This organization has a mission and that is to change Bangladesh as an Industrialized country by promoting cost and management accounting.
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5. Bangladesh Institue of Human Resource Management(BIHRM):

It is run by top brilliant university teachers and H.R specialists. You should not miss developing analytical skills to become the professional successful leader in the field of H.R.M. They have professional consultancy in the field of HRM.
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6. Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management(BIGM):

MIGM has formerly known as civil service college, Dhaka. It is a non-profit organization and it provides opportunities to top students to complete higher studies under tuition fee. This organization also trying to government employees for gaining good professional skills through systematic service training. The students who do not get a chance for higher studies abroad but they are keen to improve their knowledge, the institution aims also to meet the needs of higher studies.
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7. Institute of Catering & Hotel Management(ICHM):

You will be able to make a better career or proper income source after taking training from ICHM. You can learn through hands-on practice to their faculties. It also emphasized to develop attitudes and professional skills. Their most favorite activities are Event co-ordinators, Sports, organizes parties and many more.
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8. Charted Institue of Management Accountants(CIMA):

It was founded in 1919 and it is one of the worlds largest professional body of management accountants. We learn Accounting for balance sheet but they learn Accounting for Business. They are also the partner of AICPA(American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Make a training form CIMA and prepare for today's challenge and tomorrow's opportunities.
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9. Bangladesh Garments Management Institution(BGMI)

It established in 2011 with the aim of helping Bangladesh Challenging Garments with highly competent Human Resource. This organization has high honorable trainers in different sectors such as Merchandising, Fashion Design, Pattern, Work Study, Compliance, and Quality.
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10. Bangladesh Hotel Management and Tourism Training Institute(BHMTTI)

It is a private government institute for acquiring knowledge. It was established in 1990 A.D. The institution has highly qualified and experienced trainers for acquiring international standard education. The main vision of this institution is to create skilled manpower in the field of Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality industry.
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