Biponno Jahajer Ek Nabiker Golpo by Gabriel García Márquez-Bangla Translation Book

February 28, 1955 a Colombian navy ship named ‘Destroyed’ was faced a storm at Carebian Sea. The ship was coming from the United States. The main goal of this ship was to reach at Colombia Kartagana Port.

The ship was arrived, but eight crewmen were missing at the sea because of storm. One survived. The survived man was a young sailor of twenty years old. The young sailor is the main hero of this novel.

This is a true story. You can take a few ideas from the title of this book that what will be the story of this novel of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

We come back to the reality. At that time Marquez was a journalist. The young sailor was in the sea about 10 days. He has to survive to the sea with many hard attempts for his live. Though Marquez was a journalist, he took interview of this young sailor about 6 hours daily in 20 days. The writing was about to published than Marques fall in danger.

So, this is the real life story of a young sailor who was got his life after 10 days by fighting to crazy sea and got back his life. So, if you read this story, I am sure that you will make good experience from this story.

Gabriel García Márquez
Gabriel García Márquez

The writer is also a good and so popular writer. The name of his most popular novel is "Mother" which is based on the industrial revolution of Europe.

However, If you download this book which has been translated from English to Bangla by Buddhadev Vottarcharjo, you will also be able to enjoy a beautiful story. 

Book Name: Biponno Jahajer Ek Nabiker Golpo
Writer: Gabriel García Márquez

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