Megh Boleche Jabo Jabo by Humayun Ahmed Bangla Ebook

Megh Boleche Jabo Jabo by Humayun Ahmed is a good and one of popular books of Humayun Ahmed. The story of this book is really awesome. it is something like that.

The hero of this story is walking with a group of duck. What is the reason, why will he walk with the group of duck? He is a man and the name of his is Hasanur Rahman. His age is 28 and he is pretty handsome. If he wear red shirt, it is look like good to him. So, why is he walking with a group of duck?

So, you may think what type of story it is? Actually the speeches you have read these are the dream of Hasanur Rahman the hero of this story. I am sure that if you read this story, you will get a good story after all a long story of Humayun Ahmed.

This book has something different from other books of Humayun Ahmed. When you read this book, you will meet all new character. But you will get all activities of all character like Himu. So, this book will be awesome for you, just read one time then you will find the changes.

Book Name: Megh Boleche Jabo Jabo
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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