Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon translated by Anish Das Apu

Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon translated by Anish Das Apu is a Bangla translated ebook and Bangla thriller or Bangla detective type book which is written by Sidney Sheldon.

The story of this book is really a nice and awesome story and if you read the whole Bangla thriller book, you will experience a new thing of danger in life.

About The Author:
Sidney Sheldon was born on 11 February 1917 and he was an American writer and producer. He was born in Chicago, Illinois.

At the age of 10, he started writing and at that time he earned $5 for a poem. At the time of depression, he worked off a variety of jobs.

After graduation from East High School, he attended Northwestern University for a scholarship. In the study time, he also was contributing short plays to drama groups.

For the depression, he had to drop out after the six months.

About The Translator: 
Anish Das Apu is a great and popular writer both in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

If you read his book, you will find that the writing style of Anish Das Apu is very simple and nice.

He has written many good and popular Bangla books and we are giving you some important and great Bangla books of Anish Das Apu...

About The Book:
Roffe and sons is a family firm and a family of hungry of money. Everyone in this family is need of money. For earning money, they committed too much of crime.

Actually, you will also find emotional event, love, thrill and adventure also in this book.

By the way, the novel bloodline is really nice novel and the story is also a good.

So, download the Bangla translated book and Bangla thriller book ‘Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon translated by Anish Das Apu’ and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Bloodline
Writer Name: Sidney Sheldon
Translator Name: Anish Das Apu

Book Type: Bangla Translation

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