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Download Ditio Manob By Humayun Ahmed

Who writes they live on the world of imagination. Some of their writings are grown based on the reality, some of their writings are based on the imagination created by the writer. On the other hand, some of their writings are survive based on the generation thought. However, Ditio Manob is a novel which contains a strange story.

The world is getting scientific and many science fiction are written based on the science. But, there are many occurrences which are above of any scientific analysis. The story of Ditio Manob is like that one.

In the book named Ditio Manob by Humayun Ahmed, you will find a story of a person who has super natural power and who can survive as long as he wish under the water. If you like the story of super natural power person, super natural movies, you will like the book named Ditio Manob by Humayun Ahmed.

A Sample Page From The Book

So, download the Bangla Book Named Ditio Manob and enjoy the super natural story written by Humayun Ahmed.

Book Name: Ditio Manob
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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