Ashabori by Humayun Ahmed

Ashabori by Humayun Ahmed is a Bangla novel or Bangla novel book which is written by Humayun Ahmed.

The story of this book has many dramas and you will find love, joy, and sorrow, family drama, breaking of relation, up and down in life, the hard part of life and many things.

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About The Author:
Humayun Ahmed was born in 1948 and he was born in Mohongonj but his village is Kutubpur, Mymensingh.

His father’s name is Faizur Rahman Ahmed and he was a police officer and also a writer. His father was killed during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 by the Pakistani military.

His younger brother name was Muhammed Zafar Iqbal and he was a university professor and he was also a writer and mostly known as a science fiction writer. Another brother named Ahsan Habib is a painter and the editor of cartoon magazine.

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About The Book:
Ashabori by Humayun Ahmed is really a nice and awesome Bangla novel book.

If you finish reading the book, you will definitely realize the different taste of the novel story.

Humayun Ahmed wrote this story based on a family. A lot of things happened to this family.

However, if you love to read family drama story, this book will be the best Bangla novel book for you.

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Book Name: Ashabori
Writer Name: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Bangla Novel

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