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Ishtishon by Humayun AhmedDownload Bangla Book PDF Titled Ishtishon by Humayun Ahmed- Bangla Book

Ishtishon is a Bangla novel written by the prominent Bangla novel writer Humayun Ahmed.

In this book of Humayun Ahmed, you will find out a story of a simple boy who read in class six and the main character of this novel.

He observes all the situations surrounding by himself and tells us. Basically, Humayun Ahmed has told the story of the book named Ishtishon by that boy.

The name of that boy is Togor. Togor tells us the story of his father, mother, elder brother and a sister named kushum. His father is a station master. His mother has a problem of a headache and his brother fails in SSC exam for thrice. His sister is good in the study also. He is good too.

But his elder brother is not attentive to his study. His father and his family live in a quarter near to the train station.

What kind of stories and events can be happened surrounding a train station may be found in the book named Ishtishon by Humayun Ahmed. There is a bridge in front of the Ishtishon. Older boys play a very dangerous play named 'Jhopang' which is jumping to water when the train is coming to the station and reached the bridge.

There are plenty of charming situations and stories come out by the boy named Togor.

To enjoy the story of this Bangla book, Download the book named Ishtishon written by Humayun Ahmed, and enjoy!

Book Name: Ishtishon
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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