Download Jadukor By Humayun Ahmed- Humayun Ahmed Story Book

Jadukor By Humayun Ahmed- Humayun Ahmed Story Book
Download Bangla Book Titled Jadukor By Humayun Ahmed- Humayun Ahmed Story Book.

Jadukor is a story written by Humayun Ahmed. The writer has focused on a very different type of the story in the book named jadukor. In this Bangla book,  you will get a Bangla story of a child named Bablu.

The story of the Bangla ebook pdf named Jadukor is for those children who are not good in study and fear to their sir and guardians. This book can help those students who fear their parents but do not understand properly their feelings.

The main character of this story named Bablu fails in mathematics. He got 8.50 marks in the exam. His teacher punishes him. All the class laugh at him. He feels so shame and feels fear to go home for his father. He stays on a bush. On that bush, he meets a person who tells him which are the real thoughts of his father and teacher.

This book can be a great gift for those students who are not attentive to their study. Because, by the reading & understanding of the story, that student may feel his teacher and parents wishes.

So, download Humayun Ahmed story book named Jadukor and enjoy the Bangla small story.

Book Name: Jadukor
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Bangla Story

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