Vut by Anish Das Apu

The name of this Bangla horror book is Vut(Ghost) and the writer name is Anish Das Apu.

This book was published from the ‘Sheba Prokashoni” and you know Sheba Prokashoni is the best for publishing horror books.

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You know, there is always remain something mystery in the horror book.

Vut or The Ghost is normally come out at night. A human being normally fear at dark and for this reason, we can see different types of movies or ghost stories that ghost come out at night.

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Anish Das Apu is a great and popular writer and editor in Bangladesh. He is more popular for editing horror English novel books.

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Book Name: Vut
Writer Name: Anish Das Apu
Book Type: Horror Story / Bangla Vouter Golpo

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