Monalisar Shesh Rat by Anish Deb

 Monalisar Shesh Rat by Anish Deb is a Bengali novel book which is written by Anish Dev.

He is a leading writer in Bangladesh and he is more popular for the detective, fictions writer.

The story of this novel book 'Monalisar Shesh Rat' has a nice and exceptional Bangla story.

About The Author:
Anish Deb was a science teacher in Calcutta University. He is a winner of two gold medals and one silver medal from the University of Calcutta and he passed his graduation in applied physics. He joined at the university on 21 July 1983.

The writing style of Anish Deb is really a nice and very simple.

Anish Dev has written many popular Bengali books and some of his famous Bengali books are...

About The Book:
The novel Monalisar Shesh Rat was published in Bangladesh. All characters and events are fictional in this novel.

The background of the story is in the Calcutta. The real street name has been used as the title of the chapter in the book of Monalisar Shesh Rat. The name ‘Akash Patal Road’ is only the fictional one of them.

If you read the whole Bangla novel book, you will understand the reason behind this.

By the way, in this story of the novel book, you will find an exceptionally interesting story.

So, download the Bengali novel book ‘Monalisar Shesh Rat by Anish Deb’ and read Bengali book to enjoy!

Book Name: Monalisar Shesh Rat
Writer Name: Anish Deb
Book Type: Novel

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