Bagher Nokh by Anish Deb

Bagher Nokh by Anish Deb is a Bengali detective mystery book which is written by Anish Deb. You know, every book has something new to learning.

In this book, you will also find like that. The writer of this book is also a popular West Bengali writer and he is a professor.

About The Author:
Anish Deb has started writing Rahasya Uponyas or Bengali detective novels at the age of 17+. It was August in 1961.

A detective novel named Varkendro has published on that day in a monthly newspaper. That was the beginning of Anish Deb of starting wiring.

Anish Deb has completed his Ph. D in 2007. He is an assistant professor of Calcutta University (CU).

Anish Deb has written many popular and good Bengali novel books and some of his famous Bengali books are...

About The Book:
This book is an amazing Bengali detective book and you will find something mystery thing in the first scene. The story started with by a book.

This book is a very important book for the villain and the book has on the hero. He is trying to protect the book for some reason.

By the way, the detective and mystery story started like this book and you will feel it by starting reading the book.

So, download the Bengali detective or Bengali thriller book ‘Bagher Nokh by Anish Deb’ and read Bengali book to enjoy!

Book Name: Bagher Nokh
Writer Name: Anish Deb
Book Type: Detective and Mysterious

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