HimShitol by Anish Deb

Himshitol by Anish Deb is a Bangla thriller book as Bangla novel which is written by Anish Deb.

Anish Deb is a great and popular writer both in the Bangladesh and West Bengal.

If you love to read Bangla novel book as thriller story, this will be the perfect book for you and you can easily take this book as your favorite Bangla book collection.

Himshitol written by Anish Deb is a great Bengali thriller to enjoy hard-core story.

About The Author:
Anish Deb is a great and popular Indian writer as a thriller writer. He is an Indian detective, thriller, and horror generic writer.

Anish Deb was born on 22 October 1952 in Calcutta. He is really a great writer and his main subject is science. He is also a professor of Calcutta University.

His popular Bengali books are...

About The Book:
The story of this Bangla book is really an amazing thriller Bangla Golpo. This book was first published in 2002 in the newspaper of ‘Kishor Varoti’.

The author takes help for creating content of this book from some English books. The author plotted the story of this book in the Antarctica.

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Book Name: HimShitol
Writer Name: Anish Deb
Book Type: Bangla Thriller

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