Shataborsher Shera Rahasya Uponyas Edited by Anish Deb

Shataborsher Shera Rahasya Uponyas is a huge collection of Bangla novels which are edited by Anish Deb.

The writer Anish Deb is very popular both in Bangladesh and West Bengal. The book has three parts and all parts are fulfilling with Bangla thrill, Bangla detective thinking, and mystery.

About The Author:
Anish Deb is a popular ghost, detective, mystery writer. We can say he is a leading detective writer in the Bengali literature.

Anish Deb is the winner of two gold medals for his great writings.

You know what is the name of the profession that is doing by Anish Deb? He is a professor and he is doing a great job.

Anish Deb has written many good and popular and famous Bengali books and we are giving you some notable Bengali books of Anish Deb as below...

About The Book:
You are getting three parts in together by reading this book. This book is the best collection of Anish Deb novels.

In the 1st part, you will find 15 Bangla detective novels.

By the Bangla term, ‘Rahasya’ means mystery and we can feel something interesting thing will happen by this name.

However, you should read the book and read all parts of the book, if you love to read Bangla detective book.

So, download the Bengali detective book ‘Shataborsher Shera Rahasya Uponyas edited by Anish Deb’ and read Bengali book to enjoy!

Book Name: Shataborsher Shera Rahasya Uponyas
Edited Name: Anish Deb
Book Type: Detective / Thriller / Mysterious

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