The Godfather By Mario Puzo Part 2-Bangla Translated Ebook

Download Bangla Translated Ebook. The Godfather Part 2 by Mario Puzo is an American crime novel and this book was written by Mario Puzo. This book has followed the novel The Godfather. In this 2nd part of this novel The Godfather, you will find the second Don named Michael Corleone.

New Don of Corleone Crime family Michael Corleone was protecting the family business by the hard attempt on his life and he covers the journey of his father Vito Corleone.

The family in 1901 Vito Andolini is killed and the age of Vito Andoline was nine-year. He was killed after his father insults local Mafia Chieftain Don.

From this event, Vito was escaped to New York City and he is registered as Vito Corleone.

So, the crime story of The Godfather is really interesting. If you read this story in Bangla language, you will feel that you are involved in all characters.

Book Name: The Godfather Part 2
Author Name: Mario Puzo
Book Type: Bangla Translation

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