The Cobra by Frederick Forsyth-Bangla translated Ebook

The Cobra by Frederick Forsyth is a thriller novel about the international cocaine illegal drug trade. Now, Its a Bangla book which is translated into Bangla.

The story of this thriller book follows that a young boy who was dying of taking a drug overdose in a slum in the Washington D.C. The boy has a grandmother who works as a maid in the White House.

So, the president of White House hears this news and then he decides to end the international illegal cocaine trade.

Paul Devereaux was first taken the task to end the international illegal cocaine trade. Then he was gone to Cal Dexter the main character of this novel.

Paul Devereaux and Cal Dexter together set up a joint giant Anglo-American task force that operates in the mission and this force was transformed by the Q-ship to intercept cocaine shipments and to destroy all cocaine ship on a remote island.

So, in this novel, there is several most astonishing and thrilling scene and if you read this book you will also feel them.

So, download the Bangla onubad book named The Cobra by Frederick Forsyth in order to read and enjoy the story lies in the book.

Book Name: The Cobra
Author Name: Frederick Forsyth

Book Type: Bangla Translation

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