Shuvro Samogro By Humayun Ahmed- All Novels in One Based on Shuvro Character

Shuvro is a famous character created by Humayun Ahmed in Bangla literature. You may have watched a film named Daruchini Dip. Or you may have heard the name of the film. Whatever, The film has a character named Shuvro and based on a novel by Humayun Ahmed.

In Shuvro Samagra You will get a collection of some books or novel written by Humayun Ahmed based on the character Shuvro.

Shuvro Samagra is written by Humayun Ahmed. Shuvro Samagra is very popular book in Bangladesh. Shuvro Samagra by Humayun Ahmed is very good book and this book is the combination of five stories.

These stories are also popular particularly. Daru cini Dip is one of the most popular of these.

A film has made from this book and the name of the story is Daru cini Dip. In this film the name of the hero is Shuvro.

Shuvro is a boy who looks like an angel or a prince. He always keep eye glass in his eyes.

Actually, the character Shuvro that is made by Humayun Ahmed is not very popular like Himu or Misir Ali. But Humayun was liked this character Shuvro very much.

Book Name: Shuvro Samogro
Book Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Novel
Book Offer: All Shuvro Books in One

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