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Bangla Book Ei Shuvro Ei By Humayun Ahmed
Download Bangla Book PDF Online Titled Ei Shuvro Ei By Humayun Ahmed.

Humayun Ahmed is a writer who was greatly famous for his skilful writing. After the death of this so popular writer, he is still so popular and will be for the future because of his immortal creation. Here is Bangla novel of Humayun Ahmed named Ei Shuvro Ei! to download and enjoy!

Humayun Ahmed has created some characters by his writing in his books. Many Humayun Ahmed books are written the basis for those special characters which are the assets of Bangla literature such as Himu, Misir Ali, Rupa, Nilu, Shuvro etc. If you have already read the novel named Daruchini Dip or watch the Bangla movie named Daruchini Dip, you will be familiar with the character named Shuvro who wear a glass and low eye power but brainy. You can meet to shuvro another novel by Humayun Ahmed named Shuvro Geche Bone. There is another novel based on this character and the name of that novel is Shuvro.

So, to read another novel with the character named Shuvro, you may download Ei Shuvro Ei! to read as well as enjoy.

Book Name: Ei Shuvro Ei!
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Type: Bangla Novel
Size: 4.32 MB

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