Bangla Thriller Ebook Simanto Eagle By Nasim Hijazi

Shimanto Eagle is a good thriller book of Nasim Hijazi who is an Urdu writer. If you want to read a nice Bangla thriller ebook, then it might be a good one.

Thriller is such kind of book in which younger people get much interested and feel the adventures. If you need an ebook which contains adventures, then it is a perfect one.

The book named Simanto Eagle starts when 50 persons come down from a hill with their horses. They stops in a bridge after passing a jungle. Jungle is heavy in other side of the bridge than they already passed...

If you look at the cover photo of this Bangla ebook, you may notice that there is a person with a horse. It indicates how much adventurous the book may be...

So, to read a good Bangla thriller book, you can download the Bangla Thriller Ebook Shimanto Eagle By Nasim Hijazi.


Book Name: Simanto Eagle
Writer: Nasim Hijazi
Published By: Bangladesh Co-operative Book Society
Ebook Size: 15.49MB

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