Download & Read Selai By Anisul Hoque

Selai By Anisul Hoque.  Anisul Hoque is a prominent and talented writer in Bangla literature. He writes so fluently.

The readers of this great writer find his writing as so enjoyable and they are huge in number. He has vast mass popularity.

This popular writer is a Bangladeshi writer who writes on various kind of humanity, love and passion.

Selai is such kind of writing on which the writer has tried to draw a picture of lives who died on the exploration of Rana plaza because of many unscrupulous building systems.

Actually, Selai is a great writing of Anisul Hoque.

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On this novel, the lives of low-income people such as garments workers life style have been focused. The writer has felt their lifestyle and If you read this novel, you will feel so.

If you read the text on above picture, then you will know that how much emotion has been worked on writing of such kind of novel by Anisul Hoque.

So, download the novel named Selai which has been written by the great and popular writer Anisul Hoque.

Book Name: Selai
Writer: Anisul Hoque
Book Type: Novel

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