Bijoy Bangla Typing Software - Bangla Keyboard for Windows XP, 7/8 with Serial Key + Full version

Bijoy means Victory in Bangla and Bijoy Bangla Keyboard is a layout of the keyboard that is used to write in Bangla or Bengali.

The owner of this keyboard is Mustafa Jabbar.

This Keyboard is using from the age of windows 98 to now. Now a day, you will get a lot of layout of the keyboard for writing Bangla and they are easier to write in Bangla.

Some version of this Bijoy keyboards is Bijoy 2000, Bijoy pro for WinXp, Bijoy 2003 and the most popular is Bijoy Bahanno.

You know, Bangladesh is a developing country and the information technology is improving day by day.

This software named Bijoy Bangla has done a great evaluation as a torch bearer to break the powerful circle of English by using easily Bangla.

Actually, Bijoy Bangla keyboard is not a software of keyboard but it is an idea of an invention.

Bijoy Bangla keyboard started its journey on 16 December 1988 and this Bangla keyboard has a very much powerful role to use Bangla language on the computer. It shows us a Bangla Computer. :)

To See Large Preview, Click on The Image.

The layout of Bijoy Bangla Keyboard software was invented by Mostafa Jabbar and he is now the developer of Bijoy and president of Bangladesh Computer Summit(BCS).

The new edition of Bijoy Bangla software is Bijoy Bahanno (52). The latest edition is the best application software of Bijoy Bangla software and it is also available with windows 7/8 and 10.

Some Typing Tips and Tricks 
Here are some typing tips to capture Bijoy keyboard typing i.e. Bangla typing quickly and effectively. We hope that these tips may help you a lot. Take them seriously when you are learning Bangla typing...

Use all 10 fingers.
Learn to type without having to look at the keyboard.
Navigate with basic keyboard shortcuts without spending time using a mouse.
Sit straight for typing.
Star typing with home row position of your fingers.
Take a break if you feel that you get distracted.

Bijoy Bangla Keyboard Software

By the way, Bijoy Bayanno is another update version of Bijoy Bangla software package and this software was developed by Mr. Jabbar.

This Bangla software was developed with the memory of the language movement of 1952.

This is a useful software for all Bangladeshi or for those who lived all around the world as Bangla language and especially for Bangla bloggers.

Now a day, you can write Bangla with Avro Bangla keyboard software but I will suggest you to utilize Bijoy Bangla softer.

Because the font of this Bijoy Bangla is really nice but Avro Bangla keyboard can not serve this font nicely. But Avro Bangla Typing Keyboard software is useful for starting immediate Bangla typing for an English typing Bangla native person.

Bijoy Bayanno Bangla typing software has a useful framework sorting that is extremely well for looking good of Bangla language.

So, let’s start to download the latest version of Bijoy Bangla typing software with serial key and Full version.

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