Download Sheet O Onnanno Golpo By Humayun Ahmed

Are you looking for reading a good Bangla story? Then here is a Bangla story book written by Humayun Ahmed. But, the stories have been plotted with the stories of mango people and taken from his own view.  Actually, the stories are fantastic and based on according to the reality.

In this Bangla story book of Humayun Ahmed, You will get eight stories in total. The type of this stories are really different. Because, this book has focused on the happiness and sorrowfulness of life acutely. In one side, every person is happy but don't have the realization properly. On the other side, some person are unhappy but they feel the happiness and reality of life.

There are many unsought things and unthinkable matters are presented in this book which contains eight small stories...stories of life. If we can think about this matter, we may be able to combat our sorrowfulness because of want in life. Actually, who have not happiness they feel it properly, And who have it they may care about it very little.

However, if you want to read some good Bangal stories, you can download this book named Sheet O Onnanno Golpo by Humayun Ahmed.

Book Name: Sheet O Onnanno Golpo
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Bangla Story Book

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