Download Ekti Cycle Ebong Koyekti Dahuk Pakhi By Humayun Ahmed

If you want to read a good Bangla novel of Humayun Ahmed then here is a book written by Humayun Ahmed named Ekti Cycle Ebong Koyekti Dahuk Pakhi. By reading this book, you will really be enchanted by his great simple writing.

Humayun Ahamed was a great Bangladeshi writer, dramatist, and screenwriter."Dan" the oldest and the most popular English language newspaper called him as a cultural legend of Bangladesh. He wrote more than 200 different types of books as fiction or non-fiction and these books was the bestsellers.

His books was more popular on the ekushay boi mela till 1990 to 2000s. The writing style of Humayan Ahamed was magic realism. Actually, he was the different of other writer for his writing style.

In 1972, he wrote his first novel “nondito noroke” . By this novel he became more popular and he first came in Bangla literature as a writer.

Humayun Ahmed

Actually, he proved his talent as created the books of science fiction, super natural etc. Those books proved as a writer who doesn’t come like other writer in Bangla literature.

Even he created a few characters like Himo who always would wear yellow Panjabi and without sandal. And Misir Ali who was the most logic person and his logic was out of totally unscientific.

So, just get the Bangla book named Ekti Cycle Ebong Koyekti Dahuk Pakhi by Humayun Ahmed and read in order to enjoy Bangla novel reading.

Book Name: Ekti Cycle Ebong Koyekti Dahuk Pakhi 
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Bangla Novel

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