Download Tin Goyenda By Rakib Hasan Volume-1 Second Part

In the field of Bangla thriller, There are very few names which are top on the list. And one of the popular names is Rakib Hasan. For the popular Bangla thriller book, Masud Rana and Tin Goyenda books are greatly popular and most books of this two series are best sellers.

Here is a thriller book of Tin Goyenda and it is the second part of volume 1. If you are interested to read a Bangla thriller, You may download it. The book contains such a story which will blow your mind and thrill it.

The book of Rakib Hasan offered in this page is volume of his thriller writings. It is the second part of first volume as you know which is including three types of stories in three different tastes.

So, to get three Bangla thriller reading tastes, You can download it from this page of Bangla books pdf and read to enjoy the thrillers.

In This Book, You are getting Three Bangla Stories of Tin Goyenda. Which are...

Book Name: Tin Goyenda Second Part Of Volume One
Writer: Rakib Hasan
Book Type: Bangla Thriller
Size: 14.7 MB

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