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Tin Goynda by Rakib Hasan
Tin Goyenda and Rakib Hasan are two very familiar combined  name into one image to almost all the teenagers.

Tin Goyenda’ is the most popular detective series in Bangla for especially the young people.

It is a translated version of an English series named ‘The Three Investigators’ which was written by Robert Arthur. Sheba Prokashoni published it in Bangla and Rakib Hasan wrote it.

Sheba Prokashoni published different kishore thriller series. Tin Goyenda is a part of it. Though earlier, Rakib Hasan Used to write it, later, Shamsuddin Nawab replaced him and started to write it.

From the title ‘Tin Goyenda’, we get an idea of the characters. There are three main characters in the series named- Kishore Pasha, Robin Milford, and Musa Aman.

There are some other characters too. But they are the center that means they are the young detectives in the story. As much we come to know about them is that they all are teenagers and read in the same class.

But the most interesting thing is there is nothing talked about their age or class standard so that every teenager or young people think them of their own age and can enjoy it more.

The series is full of thrill, excitement, suspense and urge to know the unknown.

Tin Goynda by Rakib Hasan

When we start to read the stories, we just get lost in the story and feel like we are really experiencing the incidents the three detectives are going through.

Their courage, their intelligence inspire the teenagers to be like them; to think everything using their intellect.

There will be hardly any teenager in our country who has not read ‘Tin Goyenda Book’.

It likes a crazy trend for them.

But earlier, we had to buy these books or had to borrow from any friend.

But there are a lot of series and it was also very difficult to store them.

But now- a- days, it has become very easy to collect and read the books because of the blessing of science.

That means, today, anyone can download Tin Goyenda PDF from the internet.

So, now we can enjoy reading our favorite books by downloading it on our computer.

Reading story books is a common hobby of almost all people. Especially, for the young people it is a great source of refreshment and also a source of acquiring knowledge.

Tin Goyenda’ is such a name to them which they are crazy about. Even when we were teenagers, we used to read it with great thrill and excitement.

Though people liked the Writing of Rakib Hasan and still it is a very favorite series (and also Masud Rana Series )  to the young generation.

Tin Goynda by Rakib Hasan

Actually, now, it has been a part of our teenage memory. We've been grown by reading those Bangla thrillers and dreamed ourselves as one of those teenaged amazing and awesome detective character.

However, if you are a teenager, you can read this story named Tin Goynda by Rakib Hasan and pass the teenaged level with enjoying detective novels.

And for older, It is not bad to read a Tin Goyenda Story and go back for while to the old memory!

Book Name: Nishiddo Elaka
Writer: Rakib Hasan
Book Type: Bangla Thriller Book

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